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8:00 - 9:00


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9:10 - 9:45

John Miles

Secrets of the Obsessed: Lessons from the most creative people in the world

Josh Miles is a brand-obsessed // strategist // speaker // author // podcaster // vlogger // marketer // and caffeine addict.

9:46 - 10:01

Erika Biga Lee

What we should be teaching our kids about design


10:02 - 10:22

Randy Fisher

What we should be teaching our kids about design

Randy Fisher is a Product & UX Designer by trade. A design nerd at heart. Why does he love design? Simply put, the world is constantly competing for our attention, making simple difficult to design.




10:35 - 10:45

Evan Tank

UI v UX v Product

Always asking ​‘why’ before asking ​‘how,’ Evan translates high-level visions into products that speak to a user’s needs, wants, and goals. He helps companies with concept designs, UX renovations, and UX strategy, and gets excited by taking a complex problem and turning it into a simple solution

10:46 - 11:06

Scott Soltys-Curry

Design Systems: What and How and Why and When

Scott Soltys-Curry is somewhat of a Scott of All Trades in the digital space -- including UX/UI design, product design, front-end development, business strategy, and marketing. (See what we mean?) He’s a Tennessee native transplanted in Indianapolis, where he lives with his husband and their two four-legged children.

11:07 - 11:17

Raman Ohri

Are you a leader? Then, you're a designer.

Raman Ohri, President and CEO, has been leading the software product design and development company since becoming President in 2015. Prior to this executive role, Ohri climbed the ranks inside SEP as a Vice-President, manager, and engineer helping create new products and systems in industries as varied as automotive, medical, pharmaceutical and aerospace.

11:18 - 11:38

Bob Ewing

Share Your Toys

Christian + Father + Husband + Letterer + Designer + Illustrator + Indianapolis


Graham Brown

Ludology and Design

Graham Brown is the founder and co-owner of United State of Indiana, a purposefully small clothing and screenprinting company in Indianapolis. At that job, he's shipped thousands of t-shirts and gifts to Hoosiers living around the world. He tries to be an advocate for the benefits of small, local commerce and the transformative effect it can have in a messed-up world. Although his job is cool, Graham would much rather be a member of Metallica or a successful video game developer. If you have leads on either of those positions, please let him know.




1:00 - 1:20

Lourenzo Giple

D.I.E. and Who has the right to own space.

Dad, policy-enlightened, socially conscious urban designer, developer, + aspiring architect

1:21 - 1:41

Jordan Ryan

Indianapolis' Hostile Architecture

Jordan Ryan serves as the architectural archivist and coordinator of the Indianapolis bicentennial project for the Indiana Historical Society Library & Archives. She has a master's degree in Public History from IUPUI and a bachelor's degree in Art History from Herron School of Art & Design. In her free time, she enjoys restoring her 1867 Fountain Square workers cottage.


Andrea Haydon

Service Design in the Architectural Practice

As an industry-leading Design Strategist, Andrea leverages her graphic + service design background and public engagement experience to uncover powerful insights that shape end-user experiences and generate opportunities for design innovation. Andrea’s expertise in research and human-centered design empowers RATIO to make informed decisions that focus on the holistic user experience of our clients

2:03 - 2:18

Jordan Bahler

Thinking Differently: Designing with Emotion

Jordan was drawn to design as a way to blend the logic of problem-solving with the empathy of art. In addition to designing Delta® and Brizo® products, Jordan currently serves on the Design Arts Society Board at the Indianapolis Museum of Art and on the national board of directors for the Industrial Design Society of America. She resides in a 1900s farmhouse in the heart of Indiana with her husband, three children, and barn cat.



2:30 - 2:55

Ryan Hunley


Ryan Hunley is owner and art director at Second Street Creative, an Indianapolis-based creative boutique, specializing in web and brand development. While he has collaborated with clients from all over the world, Ryan takes special pride in his work focused in Indianapolis

2:55 - 3:15

Amanda Brinkman

Is it bad behavior or a problem to solve? Applying empathy to discover design opportunities.

Her passion for creative problem-solving stems from her previous experience as a graphic designer and her 7 years of experience as a mother. In her role at Salesforce, she leads design research and UX activities for tools that support internal sales teams across the organization. Amanda’s passion for teaching kids about technology shines in her time outside of work as a volunteer for Techpoint Foundation for Youth, Junior Achievement, and her daughter’s Girl Scout troop

3:16 - 3:31

Robert Negron

Dear Artist, Dear Community Leader

Robert Negron, Artistic Director of Indy Convergence, will examine some common problems in the ‘artist as community builder’ model and share examples of a more intentional approach to engagement strategy and in designing community-focused arts programming.

Time and intentional design need to be our new watchwords as artists working in the community.

3:32 - 3:57

Teresa Sabatine

Your Stuff Impacts Your Designs: Why inclusive storytelling begins with you

A Certified Professional Coach, Creative Strategist, Women’s Advocate , and Writer. Nothing is more important to her than making the world a better place through the collective impact of powerful, creative individuals.


07:30 - 09:00

Room 5

Keynote: The hidden power of programming.

09:00 - 11:20

Room 4

The History of .NET

Room 2

Sondheim, Seurat and Software: finding art in code

Room 3

The power of technical decisions

Room 1

IdentityServer for ASP.NET Core 2: Overview, New Features, Enhancements

Room 5

Kevin Richards

The Power of Composition

11:40 - 12:40

Room 5

Beyond JavaScript Frameworks: Writing Reliable Web Apps With Elm

Room 4

You build it, you run it (why developers should also be on call)

Room 1

Authorization is hard! Implementing Authorization in Web Applications and APIs

Room 2

API Gateway to Service Mesh: Navigating a Changing Landscape

Room 3

The Developer’s Guide to Promoting Your Work

13:40 - 14:40

Room 2

Diagnosing issues in ASP.NET Core Applications

Room 1

I’m Pwned. You’re Pwned. We’re All Pwned.

Room 3

How to be a better interviewer, change the world and work with amazing people

Room 5

An introduction to Kotlin by example

Room 4

Go & Microservices

15:00 - 16:00

Room 4

The Power and Responsibility of Unicode Adoption

Room 2

Compositional UIs - the Microservices Last Mile

Room 1

Kevin Richards

Refactoring to Immutability

Room 3

Travel Guide to Software Systems

Room 5

Kevin Richards

The Power of Inclusion

16:20 - 17:20

Room 3

♫ These are a few of my favourite (Android) Things ♫

Room 1

C# 7

Room 5

Serverless in production, an experience report

Room 2

What’s next for ASP.NET Core?

Room 4

Adventures in teaching the web

17:40 - 18:40

Room 2

Code Is Not Neutral: the Ethics of Programming

Room 3

Take Control of the Data of You – wearables, automation, predictive analytics & agents

Room 1

C# 7.1, and 7.2: The releases you didn't know you had

Room 4

Simplifying Web App Development With Elm and Functional Programming

Room 5

Good Code: What, Why, and How to Get There